4th Annual DW Campbell Autism Awareness Show

4th Annual DW Campbell Autism Awareness Show

We were thrilled to learn that our hometown was where our next car show adventures would take us! Less than 10 minutes from the house we attended the 4th Annual DW Campbell Autism Awareness Show. This was by far the kids most favorite car show of the summer, as it was very kid friendly and they did a fantastic job keeping the spectators entertained. There was a live dj giving out dozens of prizes, a bounce house, dunk booth, face painting, vendors, Kona Ice, and more. There were people in costumes handing out treats to the kids.

The event was located in a parking lot with several restaurants, so getting a bite to eat wasn’t an issue. There was even an area of the parking lot where the jeeps could drive over crushed vehicles, which was probably to most popular event. Overall this was a very popular event that helped raise money for autism speaks!

Pictured above is The Scorpion lined up with a small group of other members from the Georgia Regional Mustang Club.

We spent two days getting the car ready for the show, looking very clean in this shot!

All vehicles were welcome to join this car show and there was a great turnout.

Another shot of the mustangs.

More modern muscles cars.

They had to bring a crane in to remove this jeep, he ended up damaging his vehicle and getting stuck while attempting to crush the cars.


Great shot of my youngest daughter and I in front of the company that hosted this car show!

They were great sports to come out in costume… it was VERY hot that day.

One of our favorite vehicles at the car show. We spoke with the owner and he actually did the paint job himself, all of the hand prints you see are his own.

Lots of jeeps showed up for this event.

Here are some of the classic cars that came out that day.

People even brought there trucks out to the show.

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